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I hold my nephew responsible for the enthusiasm I have for whisky. That’s not a criticism, […]
It’s become a bit of a tradition that our first major trip of the season, after […]
We had originally planned to take Jess out on a shake-down the weekend after maintenance was completed […]
It’s not been that warm in Largs for the past few days, but it hasn’t rained […]
West Highland Week hasn’t been held for two years now, and it just so happened that […]
Heading for Cairnbaan After a few days of warm dry weather, I’m tied up in Kererra […]
Winching is one of those words which can mean something completely different in Scotland to the […]
I had already sailed to Northern Ireland this season and I was making this trip with […]
Alan took the train through to Largs and I met him in Morrison’s to get the […]
Before our first major trip of the season Alan and I planned a shakedown trip round […]