Yacht Jess – Moody 31 Mk2

I took ownership of Jess  in October of 2014. I was lucky enough to take early retirement in July and always having had an interest in sailing, one of the very first things I did was to search for my own boat and by October I had found my ideal boat in Largs, a Moody 31 Mk-II, in the shape of Jess. She wasn’t called that when I bought her but “Lazy Dazy” and if there is one thing that irks me about sailing its owners giving their boats stupid names, so among my first jobs was to rename her, after my mum.

Yacht Jess  is a Moody 31 MKII sloop rig, built by Marine Projects, Plymouth, in 1987. Despite her age, she still looks great just needs a bit more maintenance.

Below decks again there are some signs of age but my sister made new cushion covers for me a couple of years ago and they look great in a contrasting dark blue. Next season I want to replace the foam in the aft cabin and saloon.