Annual Maintenance

I had packed up the car with everything I thought I would need for annual maintenance but inevitably I find I will have to make a trip to Largs Chadler for all that I have forgotten.

I had booked a cradle in October but forgot to arrange an associated lift-out. Each year I book accommodation in Largs to save travelling from Edinburgh and I had already done this, anticipating Jess getting lifted on Saturday. A hoist booking was unavailable until the following Wednesday so I had to rearrange my plans and AirBnB. It turned out to be fortuitous as had she been lifted out on my original date, no work would have been done because of the weather.

Alan and I travelled to the marina on Tuesday afternoon to get the boat ready for lifting the following morning, with the main job being taking down the foresail which has to be done before a boat is put on a cradle. It was blowing a bit but we managed to get it down and bundled up and stowed below.

Maintenance went well and despite some rain we managed to get Jess cleaned, polished and waxed by Friday afternoon and she was lifted back in early on Saturday. 

Alan and his wife Lynda, came back down from Glasgow and we got the foresail back on. 

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