An American, a Canadian and a Scotsman – once more

On the journey back from my holiday in France, I stopped off in Canterbury to stay with Brandon and Lauren for a few days.

Brandon and Lauren lived in Edinburgh for a number of years before setting up home in Kent. I met Brandon through our shared interest in ukuleles and became great friends. They moved from San Francisco a few years ago when Lauren (the Canadian) took up a post at Stirling University lecturing in Philosophy. She got the offer of a better post at the University of Kent and moved south whilst Brandon stayed in Edinburgh before he also got a job. It was great to see them and I had a great time. They had planned to travel to Edinburgh for a ukulele event and I offered to put them up for a couple of days and then take them sailing.

The weather continued to be hot and dry. Unfortunately, not really sailing weather as there was very little wind. Still, we did manage a bit of sailing and the weather was glorious.

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